Where Was I App Reviews

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Good hunting and fishing app

Like the app! Real satellite image that you can zoom in and always lets you know were you are. It even measures the distance from point a to b. Dont need a GPS with this app.


This will replace my gps my hunting trips

Doesnt work

GPS doesnt function with iOS 9.3.5; tried to email developer but that didnt work either. Please fix this app. It is a good concept and I would use it. Thx

Not perfect but not bad!

Locks up! Can not get out of the camera viewer. But it does let you track back to a waypoints as it day it will.

5 stars

Does was it says well worth the money

Where was I

Doesnt seem to work with iOS 6. It worked yesterday but today I installed 6 and not working.

Really wish this would get fixed!!!

The perfect app if it would work!!!!! Will not save my waypoints. Will not even let me open the settings.


Great app for hunting. Wish compass worked a little faster. But best I have found. Works with io6 for me

Upgrade problem fixed

Great app. I use it all the time. Even with no cell signal.

Dont go in the woods without its

I use to mark all my tree stand, where I park my atv or truck, where I put out food. Where I saw deer Everything. Highly recommend.

Life saver

Great App. Went hunting last weekend in flooded river swamp. It brought us back to the boat even after we got turned around in the dark wading through water waist deep. Opened app and walked right up to boat. Thanks it will save lives by getting you out of woods.

Great App BUT

This was very helpful scouting land but the only problem is I cant export my trip to an email or something. I had to write them down one by one.

Nice App Wish it did more.

I would like to see more info added. Wish you could type in coordinates and see distance between two coordinates. This would be helpful when hunting with a buddy.

So far so good

Id like to be able to switch between the aerial imagery and just a basic view showing streets.

Love this app!

Great App! I use it on the lake to mark my fishing spot.


Confusing to use. Could be my fault, but ap seems very limited in ability.


Essential app to have with you all the time. Works great on iPhone 5s with iOS 7.

IOS 6 incompatibility iPhone

This APP does not work after upgrading iPhone software to IOS 6. I would like to have a downloaded version that available off line

Great app

Greatest hunting app I found. Find hunting spots fast and easy. Only improvement could be the live view. Its useless.

This app is invaluable!

Wonderful app!!!

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